7 The Long Journey to Armenia ©2006 Lori Bailey Cunningham
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Our private meeting with the Foreign Minster of Armenia, Mr. Vartan Oskanian Rien explaining to Mr. Oskanian how to create world peace by opening American football franchises in every country, then recruiting terrorists to redirect their anger into a friendly game in which they can make money not war.


The road to Khor Virap with Mt. Ararat covered in clouds in the distance. Rien photographing Khor Virap with Mt. Ararat in the distance.  
Rien with Mt. Ararat in the distance. Khor Virap,where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years  
This is the way down to the tiny dungeon in which St. Gregory was imprisoned. It was photographed looking from the bottom up to Jo at the top. Jo at the entrance to Khor Virap  
The Karahundj is located in Sissian, Armenia. The rocks predate Stonehenge by about 1,000 years and are believed to be one of the first "observatories" created to watch astronomical events    
Lori holding up her book, "Mandala" to page 47, where this particular rock is pictured. When lined up properly, one can look through the holes and see particular heavenly bodies or astronomical events One of over 75 stones with holes, believed to have been used to observe the cosmos Rien posing next to the stone numbered "99" by archaeologists ( 99 is his player number for the Titans)


Rien striking a classic pose next to a stone at Karahundj It's not unusual to see shepherds moving their critters on the open highways.  
This guard at the border crossing enjoyed meeting the giant from America This horseman ran past us and then, moments later, galloped in the opposite direction, this time with a fist full of flowers  
Noravank Rien and Lori at Noravank  
The Noravank stairs were very small,, icy and dangerous. One wonders what the purpose was for this unusual design feature. There was no stopping Rien from taking this scary climb. His mother's legs got weak just watching. Noravank is beautifully perched up on a snowy hill. Ya gotta wonder how they ever built it - or why - up so high

The Long Journey to Armenia ©2006 Lori Bailey Cunningham

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