5 The Long Journey to Armenia ©2006 Lori Bailey Cunningham
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DAYS 3 and beyond:
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Yerevan at night

Sondra finds crossing the street treachorous

Arbi and Jo are equally challenged

Hanrapetutyan (Republic) Square in downtown Yeravan Another Square foto    

DAYS 3 & 4: March 15-16 / Gyumri and Lake Sevan

This Gyumri man was collecting fire "wood"

Lori with he sign (unfortunately mispelled) marking the province named for her. These sweet folks gave us huge bunches of greens and refused payment  
Living conditions in earthquake ravaged Gyumri is tough for people AND dogs. Dwellings that look uninhabitable where earthquake victims are forced to live  
The earthquake has left so many people in desparate situations
Lori with a young woman and her children at a hospital built by the Armenian Relief Society, located in Akhuryan just outside of Gyumri. The hospital was built enitrely with donations and offers its services free of charge to the people of this region that who continue to suffer from the effects of the earthquake.
A young woman with her newly born child


The hospital staff laid out a wonderful spread for us after our tour
Rien's first cup of coffee - ever - was Armenian coffee served to him at the hospital by the wonderful staff. This sweet woman read his fortune from the thick, muddy grounds left in the bottom of his cup.
Rien spreading his cards and good cheer Rien admiring the pin ups on the wall of this tiny mechanic's garage.
These resourceful mechanics boast that they can make any vehicle run. Peter and Arbi enjoying a local brew


This great meal was provided by a "closed" hotel resaturant that pityied our hungry faces. Rien checking out the vew of Lake Sevan from the deck of our hotel  

The Long Journey to Armenia ©2006 Lori Bailey Cunningham

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