A 3-D Mandala in Spain

MAY 2000 / SPAIN / Miguel Tomas

Miguel Tomas' ended the school year with a vivid three-dimensional display of the mandala work they had completed over many months.

The gymnasium was vacated to make space for a giant mandala made of reycycled boxes that had been painted bright colors, giving them a "new" life. In addition to the 3-D mandala, there were also displays of the many beautiful mandalas created by the students throughout the school year.

Miguel teaches art in the Secondary Institute Number 3 of Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain. He is teaching his students the art of the mandala by using several mediums, including painting and sculpture (see the prototypes for the giant mandala on Miguel's class page).

In addition to the school display, Miguel also organized a public art show for his students. The many mandalas made by his students hung in a gallery along with examples of the mandala from nature and history. See the exhibit.

Miguel has encouraged his students to create both individually and collectively and displays of both types of mandalas are in the Mandala Gallery. (to find his student's mandalas, use the search engine and type in "Spain."

Miguel's personal mandala
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