An Art Class in Spain

APRIL 2000 / SPAIN / Miguel Tomas

Miguel Tomas teaches art in the Secondary Institute Number 3 of Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain. He is teaching his students the art of the mandala by using several mediums, including painting and sculpture (see the prototypes below of a giant mandala which will be made of recycled waste products and boxes).

Miguel's students ended the class year with the creation of the giant mandala in their school gymnasium.

Teaching the Mandala in Spain
Miguel's comments:

The word for this week on the blackboard is "collaboration", because we are making one thing, something universal. We are collaborating with each other - working and helping eachother with interest in everything concerning this project, such as carrying the paintbrushes and colours. I tell my students that we are collaborating with many people in the world in a universal expression to find peace in ourselves while creating.

I have a friend, another painter called Josť Manuel and we have long talks about mandalas. We think that mandala comes to this millenium like a new era of developing spirituality. He says that the project is like a communion. I wish to explain it better. I think that the mandala is the searching of universal love. Mandala is, for me, the way to express my sincere thanks for life.

I teach drawing and painting, but I also bring more to my classes, because my students are very young and very confused in this world. We began the mandalas last November. In the mandala I have found a way to teach art in a global way with the use of colour, geometry,expression, patience and good taste. They learn to use the materials with moderation and economy and to admire the beauty.

The big mandala will be made in the gymnasium of the school with pieces of waste products and empty boxes of several sizes. In the center will be a large colored mandala sculpture with smaller ones surrounding it. In all, there will be more than 4000 pieces. I am very anxious to do it.

Miguel's personal mandala
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