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Mandala: Journey to the Center - Lori Bailey Cunningham
160 full-color pages packed with a comprehensive, well-illustrated overview of the mandala from science, nature and math to cultures around the world. Includes many examples of mandalas made by artists from around the world, as well as project ideas and inspirations. Some of the artworks come from people whose work is in The Mandala Project gallery. An excellent resource for educators and artists - the visuals alone are well worth the price of the book!

Mandala - Jose and Miriam Arguelles
One of the first books to illustrate the many aspects of the mandala. An out of print book worth looking for in used book stores or websites if Amazon can't locate a copy for you. The 1972 printing has a mandala that does not appear in later versions and contains one of my favorite mandalas... "Mandala of Evolution" by Dion Wright

Creating Mandalas - Suzanne F. Fincher
A great reference book for teachers.

Signs of Life - Angeles Arrien
A beautifully designed book with a "Preferential Shapes Test" for gaining insight into one's self and to use for creating mandalas. (Ed.Note: This book was a great "nudge" for me personally)

Mandala:Luminous Symbols for Healing - Judith Cornell
A must-have for mandala libraries - great color illustrations by both the author and her students.

Mandala Healing Kit - Judith Cornell
A Kit with a 96-pg workbook and guided audio CD of Cornell's meditations.

Mandala Workbook: For Inner Self Discovery - Anneke Huyser
A good, all-around book that covers many aspects and manifestations of the mandala.

Mandala Symbolism - C.G. Jung
Jung's classic text describing the mandala

Mandala:The Architecture of Enlightenment - Denise Patry Leidy & Robert A.F. Thurman
Thorough explanation of the Tibetan mandala. Well illustrated. Prof. Thurman is one of my favorite experts on the subject of mandalas.

Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen - Matthew Fox
Great illustrations of Hildegard's inspired work.

The Mandala : Sacred Circle in Tibetan Buddhism - Martin Brauen
A well-illustrated and informative book.


Everyone's Mandala Coloring Books
Monique Mandali has created several coloring books including her most recent, "The Peace Mandala Project" which has mandalas made by children.

Coloring Mandalas 1, Susanne F. Fincher
Coloring Mandalas 2, Susanne F. Fincher

This company offers two wonderful coloring books - Mandala Magic and Edangered Species.

Magic Mandala Coloring Book - Martha Bartfield
This coloring book has 200 mandalas in a convenient, spiral bound format.

World Mandalas: 100 New Designs - Madonna Gauding
Designs include rose window designs from the cathedrals of Europe, Navajo sand paintings, Hindu yantras, traditional Buddhist thangka scroll designs, and motifs from illuminated Celtic manuscripts.

Kid's Flower Mandalas - Arena Verlag
64 pages of flower-themed mandalas for young children to color

Geometrical Design Coloring Book - Spyros Horemis
Both simple and complex geometric designs

Mandalas of the World - Rudiger Dahlke
Black and white coloring type book with explanations.

Exploring the Labyrinth - Melissa Gayle West
Explains the labyrinth from a healing perspective. Gives details on how to make your own labyrinth as well as many stories of personal transformation and how to use the labyrinth for growth and healing. Melissa West, MS,is a psychotherapist, Cancer Retreat Coordinator for Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Washington state.

SCIENCE and MATH (back to TOP)

Constructing the Universe - Michael Schneider
Highly recommended! A great book to reinspire interest in math. Richly illustrated, interesting and well-written content. A must-have for all math teachers as it will give you ideas on how to keep your students inspired. Also a great reference for art teachers - any anyone interested in seeing how the whole universe is connected beautifully and meaningfully by mathematic principles. If I (an admitted matho-phobe) had been taught geometry by Schneider, I would not have ditched so many classes! Check out Michael's website: Timeless Wisdom.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters - Gary Zukav
A layman's introduction to quantum physics.

Cosmos - Carl Sagan
Sagan's classic work based on the 13-part television series which presented scientific ideas in a comprehensible and stimulating format.

A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking
This version of his original work includes photos and illustrations. It's out of stock, but you can have Amazon check on it for you.


All I See is Part of Me - Chara M. Curtis
In this international bestseller, a child finds the light within his heart and his common link with all of life.

Fun is a Feeling - Chara M. Curtis
"Fun isn't something or somewhere or who. It's a feeling of joy that lives inside of you." A world of fun and fantasy unfolds as a child finds that the joy of life begins from within.

How Far to Heaven? - Chara M. Curtis
Exploring the wonders of nature, Nanna and her granddaughter discover that heaven is all around them. An excellent book to help children who are dealing with the death of a loved one.

No One Walks on My Father's Moon - Chara M. Curtis
". . .a beautiful story, beautifully told. Indeed, there are many moons. And there are many truths. To see them clearly it's essential that we learn to see the universe through the eyes of others. If we could teach our sons and daughters nothing else, this would be enough." - Ron Atchison, Director of JustCause

Beautfiful Warrior-Legend of the Nun's King Fu - Emily Arnold McCully
A wonderful book with two heroines that use their inner strength to overcome great obstacles. I use this book in some of my workshops and both boys and girls enjoy it.

The Dot and the Line - Norton Juster
A great little book for both children and adults showing the splendors of mathematics, not to mention the value in using one's brain and creativity.

The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster
Milo is a bored little boy who learns to use his brain to get involved in his own life when a special gift magically appears in his bedroom. My introduction to the book was in third grade andI still enjoy reading it to my own kids, as it's full of metaphors to which adults can also relate.


Shambhala specializes in books that present creative and conscious ways of transforming the individual, the society, and the planet.

Snow Lion Publications
Snow Lion is the premier English-language publisher of books and other materials on Tibet, Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Mandala Project is very grateful to Snow Lion, which has generously donated many books to the project that are used in workshops and for lending purposes.

Zephyr Press
A great resource for books and educational materials produced with an understanding of multiple intelligences for an integrated curriculum.

DK - Dorling Kindersley
A great resource for books and educational materials produced with an understanding of multiple intelligences for an integrated curriculum... not to mention the publisher of "Mandala: Journey to the Center!"