Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page
Great Mandala Links!
Clare has painstakingly created the most comprehensive list of mandala references available, not to mention beautiful mandalas.

The Mandala Collection
An online collection of mandala-inspired gifts and tools for the "inward journey."

The World Mandala
The World Mandala is a unique, multi-facetted artwork / modern mandala created by the artist Peter Rosson. It is a picture made from 256 identical parts, 158 of these parts are collaged material that can come from many different sources.

Exploring the Mandala
Ben Trumbore's page describing the mandala and the animated mandala video he created with Pema Losang Chogyen.

Mandala Art
Kim Aronson's "Art and Design For Your Soul." Beautiful mandala postcards and prints by one of the original Mandala Project contributors (#8).

Mandala Information by Jytte Hansen
Nice graphics and explanations of the mandala.

Mandala Connections
Monique Mandali's mandala art, coloring books, "The Peace Mandala Project" and a mandala gift store.

Discovering Art as a Spiritual Path
Paul Heussenstamm's personal mandalas as well as descriptions of workshops and products.

Earth Mandala
Anika Kanter Movchine's site with beautiful mandalas, interesting articles and great mandala postcards.

A beautiful meditation site by Nikki Fay

Tibetan Sand Mandala
Explanation and fotos of the intricate Tibetan sand mandala during construction.

Monday's Mom's Mandala Page
CatAnna's beautiful meditation mandala complete with music.

Creative Process Class:
Dr. Betty Scott

Dr. Scott teaches a class at the University of MO using mandala.

Mandala Complex '99
Teruko Seto and Atsuro Seto are two Japanese artists that have created a site displaying their own work as well as others.

Mandala Zone
A Experience original mandalas reminiscent of ancient spiritual art, order a print of a mandala, or commission your own unique, personal mandala for meditation, spiritual focus and inner peace

Nice mandalas and links.

Awesome Designs
Wendy Riseman's site describing her mandala book.

The 3 Dimensional Mandala of Vajrayogini
A virtual reality project by Miya Shimada which graphically displays the Tibetan Buddhist traditions of the mental construction (meditation) of the mandala.

Les mandalas de Maryna is a French mandala artist and her website displays not only her beautiful work, but also explanations of the mandala in French.


MANDALA- World of Mystic Circles
Highly recommended !
Explores the mandala in all it's diversity though art, philosophy, nature and science. Observe Tibetan monks from the Dali Lama's personal monastery, constructing the minutely detailed Kalachakra sand mandala. Features interviews with: Robert A.F. Thurman, professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies and chair of the religion department at Columbia University and Judith Cornell, Ph.D., adjunct associate professor of the California Institute of Integral Studies. Order direct by calling toll free: (877) 271-3706.

Exploring the Mandala
During 1989 and 1990 Pema Losang Chogyen worked with staff members and students at Cornell University's Program of Computer Graphics to create a three dimensional model of the Vajrabhairava mandala. The model contains tens of thousands of objects. A six minute animation of the computer model, "Exploring the Mandala," is available from Snow Lion Press.


Peter Mannello's exquisite mandala, created for his book "Day of Nines," is something to behold and read.

Beam's Doorway
Stephen Beam's futurist artwork is transportive...


A computer driven suite of graphic tools for the creation of symmetrical visualizations, star patterns, mazes, magic circles, and kaleidoscopic imagery"

Chuck Henderson at Fishrock Studios sent me a copy of YANTRAM for review. Wow! It was just too fun... Pictured is a mandala I made within just minutes of loading the program.

It's very easy to use and offers lots of creative options, including the use of your own images (note the Mandala Project logo in the image at right). It's a nicely packaged, well-documented program - very professional and very fun.

Mandala Software
Greg Ordy's "Mandala" is a no-cost graphics program for PC's that displays animated Mandala images. A large number of options can be controlled by the user. Changing these options produces an extremely wide range of Mandala sequences.

Gliftic, from Ransen Software, is another mandala-making program. I wasn't able to test it out myself since it is only available for PC's but it looks like a fun program. It was recommended to me originally by a woman who's son is autistic. She said he was very soothed by playing with the program and enjoyed it very much.