Mandala Storymap

APRIL 2000 / ANACORTES, WA, USA / Bailey Cunningham

Using the Mandala as a tool for reading comprehension

This workshop was created specifically for a 5th grade reading program to help students improve reading comprehension skills.

The Objectives

•To present the general concept of a mandala

•To use the mandala as a reinforcing tool for reading comprehension

•To integrate art and the kinesthetic mode of learning with auditory, visual and intuitive skills.

The Workshop

The workshop consisted of four sessions, one hour each.

Day 1: Presentation of the Mandala (page to come describing general workshop presentation).

Day 2: Read to the group: "Beautiful Warrior, Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu." Helped students to complete a worksheet which included questions regarding hero/heroine, site, problem, action, result - the five sections that make up the Mandala Storymap.

Days 3 & 4: Illustrate Mandala Storymaps

Each of the eight students completed worksheets and mandala storymaps and appeared to be engaged in every step of the process. See the student mandalas below.

The use of the mandala storymap as both an organizing tool and an artistic expression was well-received. The storymap offered each student an opportunity to display both artistic and interpretive skills in their illustrations of the story content. Since there was no "wrong" way to create the mandala, each artpiece was a successful expression of the individual's understanding of the story.

The Student Mandalas...



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