89 Jennifer Marie Kubic

Nature's Rainbow of Circles  

This mandala is titled Nature's Rainbow of Circles. My interests in life center around natures beauty. I prefer to surround myself with peaceful things that bring me great happiness and remind me of all this world has to offer. By being around these things I am happier and am constantly reminded of god's love for me, for he created these wonderful things for me to enjoy while I am here on earth. I realize life is short, but it is continuous thus the interlocking rings. Also because the world is self recycling everything changes and creates new forms

The leaves are what inspired me to create this special project, for they are of great bounty in nature ever changing and transforming. The colors reflect my personality and the colors of the rainbow helping to remember god's plan for all creatures. I love colors especially purple and that is why purple is the main color at the top. Each color on this wheel of circles represents a different aspect of my personality and a different element.

Purple is my favorite color, it represents beauty, vision, and all things artistic and creative. Purple to me represents the earth and all life because with out beauty and creativity I do not believe one could exist as a human life form and even if one could why would they want to?

Blue reflects water, blessings, clear thinking, understanding, calmness, and reflection. Green is the grass and the trees representing growth, life, change, and luck. Yellow is happiness, joy, bright and sunny this color represents the sun.

Orange is changes,both good and bad, fruits of the earth, vacations, freedom, uniqueness, and courage, lions are orange, representative of the animal kingdom.

Red is Power, struggle, tension, anger, justice, mood, pain, intense thought, even death, it resonates in flowers and in our blood. Red to me is a symbol of well used power and it is the color I wear when I want or need to stand up for what I believe in.

Pink represents everything girly, flowers, tradition, heritage, and babies, if red equals death pink equals life generating changes, self improvement, innocence, youth, sweet thoughts, romance and all things that I adore including guys. The symbols on my chart represent things I love and unique characteristicsabout me. First the whole circle reflects rainbows which are fleeting and beautifully full of life and color, representing promises and happy thoughts. Butterflies are transformers, fleeting, intense, unique, and self important, all characteristics of me.

The butterfly is placed where it is to represent beauty and uniqueness. The water lily symbolizes peace, and understanding, also my favorite painting, Monet's Water Lilies series. They are delicate, fragile, perfect, unique, and exotic, to me they represent true beauty inside and out, they also smell sweetly. No I am not perfect but that is always what one dreams is it not?

The cloud representsdaydreaming, the future, relationships, my head is always in the clouds,it is a symbol of nature the opposite of the ground thus it's placement
in the green circle. The kiss is symbolic of my flirtatious nature, the strawberries represent sweetness and being young at heart and yelow is my flirtatious color.

The paw print represents, of course, animals, I love them no matter what species, I am in awe of them, and sometimes wish I was one. The cat is me, soft, cuddly, but with claws, ever- ready to pounce, I am manipulative, controling, and an independant spirit, I love getting my way and in relationships... it usually is my way or the highway. I don't compromise, I do the oppositeof what you tell me. I am lazy but a loyal friend to the end, I don't come when you call and I need constant love and attention, I hate to be alone for very long and I never shut up, I don't listen too well but I will hear you out, and I have the gift of seeing others views with stark clarity, I am down to earth, yet fickle, and every dime I earn I spend a dollar. I prefer to sleep curled in a ball and love to cuddle.

Red is thesymbol of power and that is why I am here, I command attention and demand respect. The pink roses represent, my inner child, my playful outlook to life,and my childish points, stubborness, and temperment. I am spoiled and young, I have a lot of growing up to do. pink represents starting anew, and girly responses. I am sarcastic but never to the point of being cruel. Cute yet an adult. I have a youthful appearance and traditional values, pink flowers smell great and look beautiful, I am romantic with a brazen streak. Porcelain skin and sky blue eyes. I hope you enjoyed this inner view of me and feel free to conatct me with questions, comments. I would appreciate all comments, and would love to know what the world thinks about my entry.

Thank you for letting me participate in your wonderful project I have learned a lot because of it.

Submitted on: 07\14\2002 13:43:55