69 Ross Woods

Chinese-American Mandala  

I learned that a mandala has a center and the it grows out of the center. Mandalas are also everything that you see.. I learned that everything on my body is a mandala and that I am touching everything through atoms.

Tibetan people made a lot of mandalas and they put a lot of effort into it but they just destroyed it afterwards.

Both China and America have presidents, symbols, architecture and heroes. We are different in our culture and Chinese houses have roofs that slant up at the end and ours don't.

I liked the coloring and the big mandala poster and getting to put my mandala on the website.

Note: This mandala was made in a Mandala Project workshop called "Chinese-American Mandala" in May, 2000. After a presentation on Chinese culture, each student created a mandala with symbols from both Chinese and American cultures and then wrote about their experience. Read more about the workshop.

Submitted on: 07\13\2002 22:25:51