65 Caitlin L.

The Starflower  

Caitlin is a 5th grade art student of Nancy Groover on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. She is Arapaho and Nez Perce. The title of this mandala is "The Starflower," and she says, "I like art and teachers. My mandala means to have peace on earth and treat everybody the way you want to be treated.

About Nancy:
Nancy Groover is an artist, art educator, and Reiki Master living in Riverton, Wyoming since 1986. A native of Indiana, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Indiana State University in 1978 and art education credentials from Indiana University in 1983. She has been teaching art on the Wind River Reservation since 1989 when she became immersed in Native American Spirituality and took a class on Jungian Dreamwork.

Nancy realized the importance of using art as a way to touch the inner self and began teaching mandalas to students in 1990 and conducting mandala workshops since 1994 for personal transformation.

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