52 Matt Powell

Chinese-American Mandala  

I learned that mandalas are circles with a point expanding out. Everything is made of mandalas because everything is made of atoms, which have the expanding pattern of mandalas. I learned that I am made up of atoms or mandalas.

I learned that the Chinese are highly evolved people. They have created many inventions
and they have very elaborate religions.

We are similar to the Chinese because we are humans and we live on Earth. We both have religions, transportation and food. We are different because we live on different continents and we speak different languages.

I liked doing the projects.

This mandala was made in a Mandala Project workshop called "Chinese-American Mandala" in May, 2000. After a presentation on Chinese culture, each student created a mandala with symbols from both Chinese and American cultures and then wrote about their experience. Read more about the workshop.

Submitted on: 07\13\2002 21:13:5