49 Claire Stewart

Chinese-American Mandala  

I learned that everything is a mandala. Also, I learned that to draw or create your own mandala, all you have to do is make a center and radiate out from it.

I have made, seen and even tasted many mandalas.

I learned that Chinese and American people have a lot of similarities and they have heroes that have done the same things as some of ours.

We both have presidents and we both have fast food. They are a lot more spiritual and mythical than many of us thought. We learned a lot. We got to do fun art and we could go home and ask our parents what
she (Mrs. Cunningham) asked us.

This mandala was made in a Mandala Project workshop called "Chinese-American Mandala" in May, 2000. After a presentation on Chinese culture, each student created a mandala with symbols from both Chinese and American cultures and then wrote about their experience. Read more about the workshop.

Submitted on: 07\13\2002 21:3:51