45 Taylor Goldstein

Chinese-American Mandala  

What I learned about mandalas is that they're everywhere - on my body, even on animals and that they are made of atoms. I learned that my body is made of atoms and that I'm a mandala.

I learned that Chinese people do a lot of different things and that in China when a baby's born it's already one year old.

Chinese people are similar to us because they're humans. What we have in common is we live on Earth! The difference is what kids play with compared to what we play with.

I liked making the mandala and learning more about China.

This mandala was made in a Mandala Project workshop in Mt. Erie Elementary school, Anacortes, WA in May, 2000. After a presentation on Chinese culture, each student created a mandala with symbols from both Chinese and American cultures. Read more about the workshop.

Submitted on: 07\13\2002 20:42:2