37 Wendy Riseman


in april of 1992, i treated myself to a birthday present : a reading by a lady in albequerque named betty. after doing a bunch of clearing and other assorted things, i was given the direction to go home and paint mandalas. so i did that . for 2 yrs i painted circles and could find no direction,no ideas, nothing original--no nothing. so, i moved with my family to orlando,fl, renovated a house, met the love of my life, got divorced, and -----started to paint. the mandalas started shooting out of me--and they were nothing like the mandalas that i had seen- they were so much work!!! details, colors, shapes, relationships. then i started to show in art shows which is really funny because considering that i had not picked up a brush in 20 yrs-here i am now professionally showing. then "I" had the idea to do the coloring book.

so here i am 6 yrs later, still painting, starting to sell my book, i became a craniosacral therapist (energy is energy--on canvas or in my hands!) so, betty, if you are reading this: it took me some time, but i follow my instructions! and to all of you out there thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

sat nam wendy



Submitted on: 07\13\2002 20:13:1