24 JoAnne Spencer


This is Phoenix, a spirit of Duality and a reminder that
Life and Death are inseperable, intertwined aspects of
the natural world.

She's one in a series of totemic Sky images, and in
this incarnation represents the Summer storm ~
bringing both the rain which gives life, and the
lightning which threatens to take it away.

This mandala is Lilith. She's one in a series of images that I created as a personal project to represent dimensions of femininity in the late 20th century. Some were images of domestication, some were images of adventure, and others... like Lilith herself... were fairly abstract. They were images of complexity, representing ideals more than reality.

She has the solidity and antiquity of stone, has attained perfect balance within herself, is entirely self-assured, is independant from the world, but both reflects its light and makes that light her own, and she requires no support or affirmation outside of what she can give to her own spirit. She represents Woman as a calm and powerful force of Self. Enjoy her.


Submitted on: 07\13\2002 18:5:29