18 Komra Atiri Cheyenne Moriko

The Earth Needs Her People  

I believe we are an integral part of the Earth as a living being, that we and our living Earth are evolving together spiritually.

I feel there is a wounding in our psyche that generates some of the ways we live in disharmony with our planet. And seeing, feeling, participating in the disharmony generates a disconnection between us as creatures on the Earth and the Earth herself. We do not feel safe, and we are not sure we are worthy of living on this beautiful sphere, and we are not sure we are welcome here.

Earth Mandalas are created under the guidance of two sacred spirits: HahneWAH-CLAEteha (Morning Dew): Phantom of the Sky, One who Connects All Worlds, and LochTOCtehey (Flying Hat): Singer of the Dream, White Buffalo Pipe Keeper.

Earth Mandalas are made from photographs of nature, the one here is created from a photograph of Owl and Wild Turkey Feathers. The Owl feathers transmit the power of transformation, the Wild Turkey Feathers transmit the power of generosity and service. The beauty, symmetry, and wholeness emanated through this image of Earth elements plants a seed in the psyche that will grow to heal our connection with our beautiful planet.

May you be blessed with the grace of light and love in all ways.



Submitted on: 07\13\2002 17:33:33