1224 Joseph Vega
United States of America [US]

The Dark Side and Light Side to Man  

My mandala shows that people have a good side (light) and a evil side (dark). It shows you the different concepts of the "dark side", such as envy,gluttony, greed,and wrath. There is also the "light side" which shows benevolence, comfort, peace, and moderate. Those were the opposite of their counterparts on the other side of the mandala. The man in the middle symbolizes the modern man, who is torn between the good and the bad side of your life. The whole reason for this mandala to show that people aren't always how they appear. People may show you a kind and gentle side of themselves but, they may also be hiding an evil side. This mandala to me is symbolic element in showing the good and bad of people around us.


Submitted on: 10\29\2007 8:16:27