121 Danielle Lynch

Micro to Macro  

I learned that candelas are circles and that a micro to macro mandala is one that has the smallest thing I the center and gets bigger.

I learned that not everything comes very easy, that mandalas are very hard to make.

My mandala is about nature. The center of my mandala has a starship because they were in the ocean and at the bottom of the earth. Flowers are even higher on the earth and they also need the water from the ocean. Since I have flowers, I drew butterflies because they need flowers too. Flowers also need butterflies to live, without them they would die. Next I did clouds because clouds give water and everything needs water. Trees also need clouds for something to drink. Clouds need the planets because they share the same space.

Note: This mandala was made in a Mandala Project workshop for 6th graders called "Micro to Macro." After a presentation on the mandala pattern and how it appears in life from tiny atoms to solar systems and beyond, each student created a mandala. Beginning from the smallest item in the center, each mandala radiates out to the planets, which they were studying in science.

Submitted on: 07\14\2002 23:35:37