Mandalas in Armenia

APRIL 2006 / Yerevan, Armenia / Lori Bailey Cunningham

Mandala Workshop:
Orran Community Center

Saturday, March 18, 2006
This was a wonderful opportunity for me to lead a Mandala Project workshop with kids and elderly folks in Yerevan. We had great fun making a Community Mandala, dancing and hanging out. Orran is providing a much needed service to children and elderly people in need of all types of assistance - education, food, clothing and especially love and care. Read more about what they are doing here.

Orran Mandala Workshop: Coloring in mini-mandalas This woman was a real sweetheart and sang a beautiful aria at the end of the workshop
Kids and adults hard at work What a face!
The wonderful folks at Orran Rien and Armine Hovannisian, co-founder of Orran
Rien handing out cards to Orran kids. The collective mandala in the background Children choosing colored paper on which to write their names, for inclusion in the collective mandala
We closed the workshop with dancing and singing... in a circle, Aremenian style!